Advisor-to-advisor consulting is a way for us to work collaboratively with other trusted advisors to help enhance the end-client experience.

Advisor-to-Advisor Consulting

At The Andriole Group, Advisor-to-Advisor consulting is a way for us to work collaboratively with other trusted advisors to help enhance the end-client experience. We typically engage with legal and tax advisors to support their clients’ wealth management needs, including financial asset, risk and strategic advisory. We aim to enhance our partners’ offerings to their clients by providing wealth planning on a consultative basis. The end result is a relationship that offers the client additional value and a comprehensive approach to their overall financial success.

Our Process

We begin our engagement by getting to know the client so that we can understand the existing relationship with his or her trusted advisor. Through our initial due diligence, we formulate a comprehensive plan for their financial future, working collaboratively within the structure developed by the client’s legal or tax advisor.

Our collaborative solution features a defined scope of our engagement, including key deliverables that detail how we work with other trusted advisors; a timeline of our participation, including a schedule of meetings; and a detailed cost of our engagement. We aim to serve as a valued partner to both the legal or tax advisor and the client.

Wealth Services

Personal Financial Statements

Coordination and Preparation

Cash Flow Analysis

Short and Medium Term Liquidity Requirements and Long Term Objectives

Feasibility Analysis

Stress Test of Client Goals, Objectives, and Resources

Investment Policy Statement

Establishment, Monitoring, and Review

Financial Asset Services

Concierge Banking

Checks, Wires, and Securities-Based Lending

Retirement Distributions

Traditional and Beneficiary

Consolidated Account Reporting and Aggregation
Re-Registration of Financial Assets

Risk Services

Analysis and Review of Client Insurance Portfolio

Long-Term Care
Life Insurance
Property and Casualty

Trusted Advisor Services

Timely Coordination and Communication between Trusted Advisory Team and Client

Tax Advisors

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